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Design + Build Professionals Since 2003

Serving Discerning Residential + Commercial Clients Throughout the Chicago Area

Why Choose ONE80 Design?


Our professional team will bring your ideas to life using cutting-edge tools and a structured creative process built on 15 years of training and experience in industrial design


Whether we’re matching an antique dining set or building a stunning focal point from scratch, custom pieces are our specialty – let us create something truly unique for you

Peace of Mind

We manage all aspects of the project from start to finish, allowing us to build a track record of successful delivery and exceptional client experiences


Your ideas. Our expertise. Together in a proven design process.

A great design is the foundation of any successful renovation, and creating a great design requires a deep understanding of client goals, however specific or broad they may be. That could mean adhering to an overall aesthetic, incorporating specific elements, or simply ensuring that a space is functional for a variety of day-to-day activities. Regardless, every project begins with an in-person meeting (or meetings) and one simple objective – understanding your vision.

With this initial direction set, our team can begin to leverage over fifteen years of experience and formal training in industrial design as it develops a set of preliminary options based on your ideas. Drawing on our broad knowledge of styles and finishes, extensive library of previous work, and strong relationships with local and regional suppliers, we take pride in offering concepts that not only align with your goals but go well beyond what you thought was possible.

These efforts are only a starting point however, to be refined through our collaborative process. Communication is the key to an exceptional outcome, and we use a range of tools – from traditional paper sketches and physical models to Apple devices featuring the latest design and presentation software – to bring your ideas to life long before the first piece of equipment arrives onsite.

Whatever your goals, ONE80 has the expertise and process to transform them into a stunning, concrete visualization of your space.


Stand out. Or blend in. Custom pieces are our specialty.

At ONE80, we don’t specialize along the standard dimensions. While most firms simply follow the same generic kitchen, bathroom, or patio plan for every house on the block, we apply proven principles of outstanding design and flawless execution to each individual situation. ONE80 clients consistently enjoy the highest-quality results in the industry, regardless of the particular space, the chosen aesthetic, or the size and scope of a given project.

Instead, our team specializes in those projects where only the perfect piece will do – projects requiring creation of one or more custom elements, often from scratch, and seamless integration of those elements into a larger overall design.

Many potential clients approach us in search of something one-of-a-kind, a centerpiece and conversation starter for their home or place of business. With past projects featuring everything from a multi-story living room waterfall to a six-sided copper showroom chimney, our team has the diverse experience and proven creative edge to make your space shine brightly.

More commonly, nearly every project requires us to overcome a unique set of challenges and constraints. Whether that means matching a custom fireplace to the style and color of an antique dining set or simply accommodating an odd corner with custom cabinetry, our knowledge of materials and techniques will make every aspect of your space feel like it was made to be together.

From the bold and noticeable to the understated and quietly functional, when your vision requires something you can’t buy in a store, ONE80 delivers what others can’t.


Peace of Mind

Results. On your terms. Every time.

Your time is valuable. As a result, our theory on project management is simple – guarantee results and make every decision with an eye toward an exceptional client experience. In practice, the key to the ONE80 approach is your Project Manager, a single point of contact who will work closely with you to plan and execute every detail of your renovation from the initial meeting forward.

Ultimately, every project plan is a tradeoff among three things: time, cost, and quality. Throughout the process, your PM will highlight choices, propose alternatives, and explain tradeoffs in order to arrive at a comprehensive plan that meets your needs across these three central considerations. While we do serve the premium market exclusively, we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your specific timing and cost requirements.

That said, even the perfect plan is worthless without competent execution, and at ONE80 our track record of on-time and on-budget delivery speaks for itself. Our team handles every logistical detail for a single price, including permitting, materials, and management of suppliers and specialists from our local and regional network. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we maintain the highest level of respect for your surrounding environment throughout our relationship.

At ONE80, our past clients consistently highlight two things – an outstanding finished product and the highly positive experience of interacting with our team. Our work is not done until you are completely satisfied.


Design + Build Professionals Since 2003

In April of 2003, Gary Bruckert and John Pieratt were approached by Sam Brewer, a man with an unusual problem – he wanted to build a multi-story waterfall in his living room, but had not found a firm capable of handling the project. Four weeks later, the waterfall was a reality, but the challenges faced by Sam and others in the market for high-end renovations had not gone away. Regardless of the size of a given project, standard contractors typically offered only unoriginal design, inconsistent quality, and a poor overall experience.

For many potential clients – having built successful careers in the fields of law, medicine, business, and the arts – this is a significant departure from a professional environment in which excellence is expected.

A Better Approach to Serving the Premium Renovation Services Market

At its simplest, the approach would borrow the very best from wealth managers, personal tailors, and other premium service providers.

First, the product itself would emphasize individuality and quality above all else. Drawing on early employees’ professional training in industrial design, the firm would apply the latest product design principles to a field dominated by cookie-cutter ideas. From an execution perspective, they would use only the highest-quality materials, tools, and techniques, managing costs intelligently but refusing the temptation to cut corners.

Second, the firm’s clients would enjoy an exceptional, personalized experience. The foundation of this experience would be client trust, built through individualized attention, a collaborative process, and a firm commitment to schedule and budget.

15 Years of Enduring Client Relationships

Now working toward two decades of successful projects and satisfied clients, the firm has seen its founding principles proven many times over. The majority of our work comes from repeat clients and their referrals, with a typical repeat client tending to value four things:

  • Quality – Insists that the work be done correctly, even if it may cost a few dollars more
  • Individuality – Desires a space that reflects his or her own unique style and personality
  • Collaboration – Is eager to engage with the ONE80 team to offer guidance and discuss ideas
  • Responsibility – Expects completion on-time/on-budget and lacks time or patience to hand-hold

We always welcome the opportunity to begin our next client relationship. If you’re currently facing a renovation project for your home, office, or showroom and feel that our approach and values might be the right fit for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.